How to Write An Essay – Essay Guide

How to Write an Essay

An essay is a paper that explores an issue academically. It can be a short or a long piece of academic work that explores  the given issues following an academic essays format. We can simply say that an essay is a piece of academic writing. To write a good essay, a student needs to understand the essay topic and carry out thorough research about the topic. In addition, a study must be aware of different essay writing rules that have to be adhered to. Since students may be assigned different essays at a time, they end up submitting low quality essays because they are left with little time to research and analyze materials pertaining to the essay topic.

Essay Writing Guide

Writing an  essay requires a great deal of work and commitment. While it may appear as simply regurgitating whatever is learned in the class, writing a good essay requires selecting a good topic and getting valuable sources. writing an essay that will earn you top grades takes you more than referring to materials in the classrooms. First, select a narrow topic with a good scope that is easier to manage. The narrower the topic, the easier it becomes to write research and write it. Second, make an outline of of the introduction paragraph, thesis statement, and topic sentence for each of the body paragraph. Once the outline is made, write the first draft. Reread the draft and refined it. It may take you more than three drafts become writing the final copy. Let us follow each of these steps illustratively:

Essay Topic

The essay topic is the first step in writing a good essay. The topic should be narrow enough to allow for in depth exploration. For example, if the subject of interest is mitigating climate change in Australia, the possible topic is “Climate change mitigation in Australia“. However, this is a very wide topic that may not be exhaustively covered in limited number of words as given in essays. Therefore, it may be necessary to narrow it down to a particular focus like the role of business in mitigating climate change. For example, a topic like, “The role of Australian businesses in mitigating climate change“. While this topic is appropriate, it is rather dull and not inquisitive. Adding an inquisitive nature to the essay topic makes it more interesting. For example, this topic will be more interesting if it is stated in form of a question like, “Should Australian Businesses Be Made Responsible for Mitigating The Effects of Climate Change?”. This topic is narrow enough for research and analysis.

How to Write an Essay Outline

Once the topic is selected, an essay outline is prepared. The essays outline should be detailed enough and cover all the details of the essay. The essay outline acts as the guide to preparing the draft. The following is the outline of our essay.

Topic: Should Australian Businesses Be Made Responsible for Mitigating The Effects of Climate Change?

I. Introduction

  1. Climate change is the foremost problem facing the word today because threats sustainability of life on earth
  2. Recent data shows that climate change is worsening with the Australian levels of emission rising by 0.7% in 2018 (Cox, 2019).
  3. This study discuss the reasons why Australian business should be made responsible for mitigating effect of climate change, mainly because they are a part of the society and they are likely to lose more
  4. Thesis Statement: Given their contribution to rising emission, Australian business should be made responsible for mitigating the effects of climate change

II. Body

  1. Australian business are major contributor of greenhouse gas emission and they should be in the forefront fighting climate change because affects the core bottom line
  2. Business are a part of the society and they have a moral obligation to help the society when faced by a crisis.

III. Conclusion

  1. In conclusion, Australia business should be made responsible for the mitigating climate change because they are major contributors of emission and they are a part of the society with a moral obligation to help the society in time of crisis


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How to Write and Essay Introduction

An essay introduction should contain three important elements. One, it should give the background of the study topic. The background should be general in nature and should start with a catch that will keep the readers glued to essays. It should keep the reader interested in knowing more. Including statistics and facts that are backed by reference adds credibility to the background information. Two, it should give direction and purpose of the essays, including its scope. It should outline the purpose of the essay and what it intends to achieve. Lastly, it should  give an essay thesis statement that outlines your stance on the topic. Look at the following example of our essay introduction.

essay introduction sample

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How to Write an Essay Body Paragraph

An essay body paragraph contains a number of elements. The first element is the opening sentence which states a fact closely related to the thesis statement. The opening sentence gives outlines what  will be discussed in the paragraph in support of the thesis statement. The second element is the explanation part that explains the opening statement. This is a descriptive analysis that expounds the opening sentence. The third element is the example that is given to illustrate and support the assertions of the opening sentences.  The fourth element is interpretation that should interpret the example given in the light of the topic sentence.  The last element is the closing sentence that summarizes the whole paragraph and connects to the consequent paragraph. Look at the following example of our essay to understand how the body paragraph is written: This is how the body paragraphs should link to the introduction

Sample Body Paragraph

Sample Body Paragraph


How to Write an Essay Conclusion

An essay conclusion ties up everything discussed in the essay. It should restate the thesis statement as well as highlight  the main points of the essay. No new materials should be introduced in the conclusion and it should not be supported by any conclusion because it is mainly concluding the main points already discussed. A sample conclusion of our essay will look like this:



How to Write and Essay in APA format

To write the essay in APA, it is imperative to ensure that the essay follows APA format. The title page, headings, citation, and references should all follow 6th or 7th APA format a specified by the lecturer.