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Why should you seek our dissertation writing and editing services?  Writing a dissertation is challenging, from selecting the dissertation topic to the final write up.  It takes time, commitment, courage, and a lot of sacrifice. However, most students fall short of these qualities and they end up submitting substandard work that prolongs their study period before they graduate.  But, it should not be like that  if you know you can hire best dissertation writers to  complete your work.

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One of the reasons why we have the best dissertation writing and editing services is because we have the required  dissertation writing writers to complete a high quality dissertation. All our  writers have a post graduate in their specific area of study. In addition, we do not hire ESL writers because we believe a good dissertation is not only in the content, but also in the language competence. Therefore, we ensure that we select the most qualified writer for your dissertation. Our dissertation writers will work closely with you in every step of your submission until your dissertation is approved.

How to Write a Dissertation

A dissertation is a summative research project that test your mastery of research and your area of specialization. Therefore, a dissertation differs from a commonly research paper in different aspects. It is much detailed and requires a higher level of thinking. Generally, these are the main parts of a dissertation which our best dissertation writing and editing services follows closely:

a. Executive Summary

The executive summary or a dissertation abstract gives an overview of the dissertation. The executive summary should not be long and can be anything between 150 and 500 words depending on the instruction from your supervisor. Ideally, a dissertation executive summary should give a general overview of the entire dissertation and can be organized into subheadings for clarity. Here is a sample of our best dissertation writing and editing services executive summary:



b. Introduction of the Dissertation Topic

The introduction chapter introduces the dissertation and gives a background study of the topic. It expounds on the dissertation topic in details.  it has the following sections: –

i. Background –

This section should discuss the background of the dissertation topic. Therefore, it should discuss the general and technical aspects of the research phenomenon. A sample best dissertation writing and editing services background is shown below:

Sample Research Background

ii. Problem Statement –

Problem statement should give the research problem in the appropriate context. Ideally, it should develop the problem from the research background and show the effects of the problem. Also, the research problem can use statistics to add weight. A sample dissertation writing and editing services problem statement is shown below:

Sample Research Problem Statement

iii. Aims and Objectives

This sections discusses the aims and objectives of the dissertation. Generally, it gives the overall aim of the research and objectives to be attained. A sample is shown below:

Research Aims and Objectives

iv. Research Questions or Hypothesis

This section discusses the research questions if it is a qualitative research or research hypothesis for a quantitative research. Therefore, it defines the key issues to be researched in the study.  Here is a sample dissertation writing and editing services research questions:

1.3 Research Question and Sub-Questions

Research questions

  • What is the basic concept of Micro finance and how it can influence economic and social growth of any nation?
  • What are the factors, which determine success or failure of Micro finance in accomplishment of economic and social growth?
  • Which similarities and difference can be identified and attributed to success or failure of Micro finance between India and Pakistan?

iv. Research Purpose and Rational

This section outlines the main purpose of the research and rationale for carrying out the study. Ideally, it should prove that there is a good research why the research will be implemented and solutions it will offer to the dissertation problem statement. A sample is shown below:


v. Scope and limitations of the Research

This section discusses the scope of the research or the boundaries within which the research will be carried out. Therefore, it also discusses the possible limitations of the research as shown below:

  • Scope and Limitations of the Study

This study focuses on Etihad Airways in United Arabs Emirates. The study focused on the organizational environments that affect the employee well being and productivity. Only the employees working in the company can understand the working conditions of the company.  Therefore, the study focuses on productivity of employees to understand the factors that affect the level of the employee productivity. The study is limited to the organizational environmental factors that influence employee well being and productivity.

c. Literature Review

Literature review analyze the current knowledge or what is known about the dissertation topic. The literature review should compare and contrast what different authors have written about the topic, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of their argument. The literature review should end with a research gap, which means, throughout the analysis, the student should aim to identify the existing research gap. Attached in the link below is a sample dissertation writing and editing services literature review:

Sample Literature Review on Consumer Behaviour Towards Luxury Products

d. Methodology

The methodology chapter discusses the research design approach to the proposed study. Therefore, his chapter discusses the research design, sampling, data collection methods, data collection tools, administration of data collection tools, research ethics, and data analysis methods. Although the concept appears complicated, the research onion is a good starting point to understand the organization of the methodology chapter. A sample dissertation writing and editing services methodology is attached in the link below:

Sample Methodology Chapter

e. Results and Discussion 

This chapter discusses the results of the data analysis process. The dissertation results chapter should purely present the results either through structure data analysis results of a quantitative data or thematic analysis of qualitative data. The following is a sample dissertation results chapter:

Sample Results and Discussion Chapter

 f. Conclusion and Recommendations 

A dissertation conclusion and dissertation recommendations chapter ties together the dissertation. It highlights the important conclusions from the study, saying whether the objectives were met and the new knowledge gained from the study. In addition, it also makes recommendations for future research. 

Dissertation Conclusion and Recommendations

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