How to Write a Counseling Essay

What is a Counseling Essay?

A counseling essay is an academic piece of paper written when taking a counseling course. The essay is written on different issues of interest that are covered in class. A counseling essay, just like other essays, has three parts, including a counseling essay introduction, a body, and a counseling essay conclusion.

Counseling Essay Topics

A counseling essay starts with choosing the right topic. It is always important to narrow down the topic to an area that you can write in details. When given different counseling essays topics, always select the one you are most conversant with and one which has enough materials. Narrowing down the topic is always a challenge to most students but you can get our expert help. For example, if you are writing a  about psychotherapy, do not choose a wide topic like psychotherapy techniques. Narrow down to a specific topic like motivation interviewing or cognitive behavior therapy. This is important because essays have limited number of pages or words to cover the topic and selecting which is better written with a narrowed topic. How to Write a Counseling Essay

For example, let us use a sample essay on counseling skills. Rather than selecting the topic, “Skills required for a Counselor”, we can narrow down to “Why Counselors should be culturally competent.” This is a narrow topic that is easy to explore.

Counseling Essay Format

A counseling essay has the same format as other essays. Generally, an essay starts with an introduction with a thesis statement, then body paragraphs, then conclusion, and lastly, the references. In a counseling essay format, the introduction should give the background of the topic, explain the aim of the topic, and end with a thesis statement.  The introduction should start with a hook or a claim and then give background information.

The continued growth in the number of individuals and families from diverse backgrounds challenges counselors’ ability to meet the needs of a growing and diverse society. Cultural competence is defined as possessing skills, knowledge, and understanding about a diverse group of people that allows the healthcare providers to offer acceptable cultural care (Loftin, Hartin, Branson & Reyes, 2013). The concept of cultural competence is not a one- time process but an on-going one that encompass appreciating and respecting other people’s cultural differences. How to Write a Counseling Essay

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The body of the essays should be arranged in paragraphs. Each paragraph should have opening sentences that makes a claim supporting the thesis statement, followed by expounding statements, and end with a paragraph conclusion. Each paragraph should expound on a single claim. The last part is usually the conclusion which should restate the thesis statement then summarize what has been said in the essay. Lastly, the references should be written according to the formatting style specified by the supervisor, although most essays use APA format.

Counseling Essay Thesis Statement

A thesis statement makes a claim.  It is gives direction to a essay because it makes a claim that the writer is going to defend in the body paragraphs. The thesis statement  should be conscience and direct.

For example:

Considering the increase cultural diversity due to globalization, counselors should be culturally competent to effectively serve the diverse population.

The consequential body paragraph should expound on this thesis statement using the following paragraph opening sentences:

  1. Because of globalization, there is increase cultural diversity
  2. Counselor should be aware of the cultural-specific attributes of their clients
  3. Counselors need cultural competence skills


Counseling Essay Theories

Counseling essays usually make use of counseling theories. While an essay may be specific about counseling theory, counseling theories can also be used to support a general essay topic in counseling. The main counseling theories include psychoanalysis/psychodynamic theory, behavioral theory, cognitive theory, humanistic theory, holistic/integrative therapy theory, and many others. How to Write a Counseling Essay

Counseling Experience Essay

An essay on your counseling experience is more like a reflective essay. It details your experience as a counselor. When writing an experience essays, it is always important to integrate counseling theories and models to reflect on your experience. First, give a general introduction about reflection and counseling practice. Then, you describe your experience depending on what you were engaged in.  Analyze the experience in light of counseling theories and models. Then talk about what you have learned from that experience and how you will integrate this in your future practice as a counselor.

For example:

Discussion 2: Course Summary and Application

There are number of key lesson that I will take from this course and that I will apply in my work as a therapist.  First, this course has made me a more cultural competent counselor. Before I started this course, I had some cultural competency in counseling but this was not extended to assessment of clients. Through detailed studying of the application of DSM-5 in multicultural set ups, I have now gained concrete knowledge of using DSM-5 in multicultural settings, which I hope to apply in work as a counselor or therapist (Kriegler, 2014).

Second, this course has helped me gain more knowledge in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of different conditions, most important mental conditions, eating disorders, and others that are prevalent in the counseling profession (Nolen-Hoeksema, 2014). Although I had studied these conditions previously, I had not gained detailed knowledge of their assessment, diagnosis, and treatment like I have gained in this course. This course has helped me to understand the interaction between these conditions and the wider society and how their treatment cannot be deviated from the social support system.

Lastly, I have also gained detailed understand of the collection of client’s data  for assessment and diagnosis, especially for client show may not be in position to self-report their condition like those suffering from mental condition (Kriegler, 2014). For example, in my hypothetical case study, I did about a client suffering from mental condition who could not self-report her condition. This exercise helped me to learn more about client assessment and I gained valuable skills on assessment methods that I will use in my practice as a counselor or therapist.

Career Counseling Essay

A career counseling essays generally talks about your career as a counselor. It is a comprehensive essay in which you explain your career statement, you beliefs, theoretical orientations, and many others.

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