How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay

Writing a compare and contrast essay is an essential part of student’s academic career. In general way of thinking we use compare and contrast methods in our every day life, we always try to find similarities and differences of the two selected objects. Obviously that comparison concentrates on similar points and contrast points out the differences between some objects or situations.

You can use following basic tips for compare and contrast essays:

Best Tips Over Compare and Contrast Essay.

  1. Bear in mind that that you need to have the ability to show the similarities & difference between the things objects, events or people you need to compare. So, do not use some “strange” pairs.
  2. For comparison or contrast use that things that are interesting especially for you
    Answer on this question: “So thing are alike or they’re different?”
  3. Think about your arguments, do you have enough to say on this topic?
  4. What will the reader gain from your compare and contrast essay
  5. What exactly your professor wants from this essay?

Now you are ready to start working on you compare and contrast essay (do not forget that compare and contrast essays are just like any other essay paper or term paper should flow from one paragraph to the next, making sense as you read it)

  • Introduction (including thesis statement on the beginning of your paper). Here you should introduce your topic (explaining is it compare or contrast essay). Do not forget to catch reader’s attention from the introduction paragraph.
  • Body (the main part). Try to make it logical but not boring. Provide strong ideas and examples (use outside sources to support you statements.
  • Conclusion (the final section is where the main ideas of the essay are highlighted). You can restate your thesis statement in this part also.

Now review, revise and proofread your compare and contrast essay.

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Everyone dread of two words Compare and Contrast and your essay topic is two for. You need to write 2 essays in one and thankfully, there are some tips and pointers, which may help you, get compare and contrast essay that is written & finished off without any need to pull all neither.

Begin by analyzing essay topic and you will need to compare and contrast some subject of 2 different principles. Example, compare & contrast characters in certain book and hopefully you read book or else have studied up on subject matter. In case you have not, get to that right now. It is very hard to fluff your way by essay of this kind.

Next, we need to define what exactly is “Compare and Contrast”. Compare means finding similarities between 2 things. Show what two things have common with each other and it can be very obvious, however you need to show it as well as relate back to subject matter and contrast means finding differences between two things. Once again, they can be obvious; however you would like to use them for proving your point.

compare and contrast essay
                          VISUAL EXAMPLE


In compare and contrast essay, point is generally to differentiate 2 things and show they are unique. Also you would like to say “X is just like Y because, but X & Y are unique because.. You need to show their uniqueness, and why it is important.

Let us use example. Compare & contrast Taco Bell plus McDonalds. (For people who do not know, Taco Bell is Mexican Fast Food restaurant, and McDonalds is Hamburger Fast Food restaurant.) You can approach this is many ways and you can start by showing how both of them are similar, and then explaining how both of them are different, and you can go through various categories as well as list how they are same and different. Let us go with first method. I will keep essay to some sentences only to illustrate my view:

“Taco Bell plus McDonalds are similar in a fact that they are fast food restaurants. They have value menus & drive thru windows and they are not one of the good quality food in world.

But, Taco Bell & McDonalds are little different just because Taco Bell serves entirely different kind of food than the McDonalds. Taco Bell serves you Mexican food like tacos, burridos, salsa, beans, nacho cheese and so on whereas McDonalds serves more of American food like fries, hamburgers, shakes and so on.

Here is one example to go point-by-point as well as showing how are they same and different: “Taco Bell and McDonalds are similar and they have colorful menus, bold decorations, and have drive. You put your order, get number and then get your food when it gets ready.

As far as the menus are concerned, McDonalds and Taco Bell serve different choices of food.”

Thus you can see idea is showing how places are similar but different. Try and keep your supports-related back to thesis.

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