TREATMENT MODALITIES – Detox, Treatment, Aftercare, and 12-Step Programs

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Treatment Modalities

In addition to individual therapy and traditional methods, individuals with addictive and compulsive behavior disorders can be treated with group and family modalities. This unit explores various group and family treatment modalities, including group therapy and multifamily therapy behavioral treatment.
Group therapy and multifamily behavioral treatment for compulsive behavior disorders are structured groups that are closed and time-limited. Behavioral treatment can be applied effectively using a group modality, with results similar to individual treatment. In particular, juveniles benefit from multifamily group therapy because the underlying issue is related to their environments.
The value of group treatment and 12-step support group models has been reported for use with anxiety disorders and addictive disorders, including compulsive gambling and eating disorders. In practice, one must often consider the setting, family, and client needs when designing an individualized treatment plan.

Treatment Modalities
To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:
1. Understand the traditional treatment of addiction.
2. Understand the history, purpose, and effectiveness of the 12-step model of addiction recovery.
3. Identify groups applicable to specific client needs.
4. Develop knowledge of when group treatment is applicable in the field.
5. Acquire a working knowledge of alternative self-help groups.

Learning Activities
Assignment Studies Guides:
Complete the following:
• In your Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling text, read Chapter 8, “Self-Help Groups,” pages 209–242.
• In your Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective text, read Chapter 11, “Mutual-Help Groups: A Strengths perspective,” pages 555–583.
• Read Leighton’s 2007 article, “How Can We (and Why Should We) Develop Better Models of Recovery?” from Addiction Research & Theory, volume 15, issue 15, pages 435–438.

Assignment 1: Detox, Treatment, Aftercare, and 12-Step Programs- 1 page needed with 3 references. Please answer the questions accord lying to the outlines below. Thanks!
The traditional approach for the treatment of addiction is typically conceptualized as detoxification, treatment, and aftercare. In addition, 12-step groups have historically been a significant component of aftercare. For this discussion:
• Briefly describe the traditional treatment system, identifying the strengths, limitations, and effectiveness of this system.
• Briefly describe the philosophy of 12-step groups. Be sure to include the strengths, limitations, and effectiveness of this type of group.
• Argue for or against the following statement: Cultural variables such as race and gender do not impact the effectiveness of 12-step groups.

Assignment 2: Other Support Groups- 1 page needed with 3 references. Please answer the questions accord lying to the outlines below. Thanks!
In addition to 12-step programs, various self-help groups provide support for addictive and compulsive behavior. Identify and describe four types of alternative support groups, and discuss the effectiveness of each. Be sure to note how each differs from the traditional 12-step program, and provide references to support your ideas and statements.

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