Compare two therapy models

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Learning Resources for Comparing two therapy models
> Readings
> • Course Text: An Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy
> o Chapter 3, “Structural Family Therapy” (pp. 63–93)
> o Chapter 4, “Strategic Family Therapy” (pp. 95–121)
> o Chapter 5, “Milan Systemic Therapy” (pp. 123–147) Compare two therapy models
> Therapy Models
> Compare two therapy models
> Understanding the similarities and differences among models of
> couples and family counseling and the strengths and limitations of
> these models can allow counselors to tailor their approach to the
> specific needs of the couples and families with whom they work. In
> this Discussion, you will examine the distinctions among the
> structural family therapy model, strategic family therapy model, and
> Milan systemic therapy model, considering the strengths and
> limitations of each. Compare two therapy models
> To prepare for this Discussion:
> • Review this week’s Learning Resources.
> • Consider the similarities and differences among the structural
> family therapy model, strategic family therapy model, and Milan
> systemic therapy model.
> • Reflect on your personal counseling philosophy and how these
> theories may support or challenge it.
> Assignment: 1 page needed
> Comparison of two therapy models, noting their similarities and
> differences. Describe under what circumstances you might apply each
> of
> the models and identify their strengths and limitations.1 page
> needed.


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