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The American Revolution has been a topic of great importance in world history. This topic has attracted many writers and scholars who have offered overwhelming contributions in the topic. In this case, the contributions of Daniel Sission in his book, “The American Revolution of 1800” has been outstanding in addressing the topic. The book has been regarded as one of the most fascinating and interesting text on world’s history in the 18th and 19th centuries. Daniel Sission is a famous and expertise writer who has written a series of books on world history. His expertise and competence in writing about world history is evident in this book, whereby he has offered a fascinating overview of the American history in 1800. The book is a resourceful and brilliant study of the 1790-1800 battle of the soul of the American Republic. The author has vividly and expansively addressed all the issues entailed in the battle in the 1790-1800 which was part of the American Revolution. The philosophical battle between federalists and Jeffersonian republicans has been efficiently presented in the book.This has heightened the authenticity of the book in addressing world history, whereby it has covered all issues entailed in the battle.

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Sisson, Dan. The American Revolution of 1800. New York: Knopf, 1974.