Women Study

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Women Study

Defining sex and gender as whether they are self perpetuated and acknowledged as body materials or social roles endowed by society and nurtured by families and communities has become very difficult. Gayle (1975) argued in her essay, ‘The Traffic in Women’, that every society has systems of sex and gender which are represented by a set of arrangements whereby the biological raw materials of a human body is shaped by social interventions and humans in a conventional manner. Sex pertains to biological raw materials of human body as understood by Rubin while gender is the roles and functions that are self perpetuated by society and cultures where they are practiced. However, Rubin despite her efforts in defining these aspects did not come up with a concrete conclusion of what exactly pertain these to different aspects. There is support of to the arguments of Rubin that gender roles are different across cultures as the roles of women in one culture may be different from those of men in another culture. This therefore shows that gender roles are shaped by the cultures of which they are part.

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