Why are Gasoline prices so High?

Rogerian Essay on ‘why are Gasoline Prices so High?

Listening to the speech of the president of the United States, one would think that the federal government policy is doing nothing to arrest the problem of increased prices of gasoline. It has been said many times that this problem is contributed to by the instability in the Middle Eastern countries or greed of big oil companies which want to make a lot of profits by increasing prices. The government, by referring to the speech by the president, showed that his government is doing all it can to reduce oil prices but there is interplay of factors that is countering the efforts made. It has therefore come to the attention of many people in the country that the prices of gasoline are sky rocketing and they will continue if nothing is done about itIt seems in the United States that every week, for a period of about four months, the price of gasoline has increased with at least ten cents in a week (Graham 10). One may therefore wonder whether people, the government, or organizations in the country wonder why the prices are increasing at that high rate. It should be noted that the most common source of energy globally is fossils fuels and hence when the prices of gas increase, products f all types increase in terms of price like shipping and flight costs. This essay aims at explaining the reason behind this increase of gasoline.

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