What Brought about the Modern City?

What Brought about the Modern City?What Brought about the Modern City?

The modern city was brought about by the process of industrialization. During industrialization, there was vast growth of manufacturing, marketing, labor, management, systems of communication and transportation, and growth of finance which brought about the industrial city. This indicates that the modern city was a product of the industrialization process. During this period of time, the existing cities acted as magnets whereby many people were pulled from the American countryside and from foreign countries.  What Brought about the Modern City? As people converged into one central position, and started conducting their businesses, these small cities became big cities as they were occupied by many people from different regions.

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On the other hand, life changed as people increased migrating to urban areas. The apartments present could not handle all the people hence resulting in overcrowding and creation of slums. There was stiff competition for the existing social amenities like water and electricity. Only the middle class people managed staying within the city while the poor resided in slums. Increase in industries resulted in environmental pollution which when combined with overcrowding resulted to increased diseases like cholera and typhoid. The poor could not afford medical care hence there was an increase in death rates.What Brought about the Modern City?