Time Traveling in Ancient Art and Culture

Time Traveling in Ancient Art and Culture


Having the profession of an art historian can be very interesting. Throughout my career I have been able to study a variety of cultures throughout history.  Among my favorite travels was when I visited Ancient Egypt, I was able to see the construction of the great Sphinx of Giza. I met Queen Nefertiti, and so many wonderful people. I also enjoyed my time spent traveling to the Early Americas Civilization, during my travels in Early Americas I was able to visit the Mayan Civilization and see the Mayan Temples.  Through this adventure I saw the profound understanding that the Mayan Culture had of regularity and the continuity of heavenly bodies. (Benton & DiYanni, 2008, p.226). My final travel through time was to Early Africa, here I was able to rock painting from Tassili, and these paintings show a true knowledge of the environment.

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