Three varieties of transnational crime

Three varieties of transnational crime

Gun smuggling vs. organ smuggling vs. human trafficking

Gun smuggling, organ smuggling, and human trafficking are part of the common transnational crimes. Gun smuggling involves the illegal trafficking of guns, ammunition and related weapons to other countries. Differences in gun control legislation and large firearm base in some of the countries allows the smuggling of firearm. Gun smuggling is characterized by a wide range of participants mostly the entrepreneurs and full-fledged members of criminal organizations (National Institute of justice).  These participants are the one who drive the market, some as consumers and other as suppliers. Gun smuggling enables criminals who cannot purchase arms legally to obtain one. When guns are smuggled into a country and sold illegally, buyers do not need any type of license or waiting period in order to buy one (Cukier and Sidel, 104). Three varieties of transnational crime The problem with smuggled guns is that they mostly lands in the hands of criminals or people whom their sole purpose is to commit crime. Stemming guns smuggling has been elusive exercise because guns have military, law enforcement and sports uses. In other parts like Africa, proceeds of natural resources like diamond, gold and oil have been very vital in maintaining this black market.

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