The use and the application of mobile phones,

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The use and the application of mobile phones,

The idea of the mobile phone may be thought to be a recent idea but it was first developed by Nathan B in the year 1908 who lived in Murray, United States, and was the first to apply the wireless technology (Kavoori, 2006). This technology was later adopted by the states police department which sought to operate in the cars and the technology had been abandoned till 1947 by the Bell Telephone company Laboratories although they never produced anything of any significant. It was not until 1973 that martin cooper developed the first cell phone named the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X and it did not have any screen. The phone was ugly, bulky, and unrealistic according to the today standards though it was a successful revolution. He had borrowed from the police technology and had successfully come up with the first mobile phone though he was not the first person to make the first working mobile phone but he invited the first portable mobile phone.The use and the application of mobile phones,  His invention came in time there was need for the development of a portable communication device that would allow people to communicate wherever they are and any at time.

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