The remedies for breach of contract under the United Nations

The remedies for breach of contract under the United Nations


The world of business has been overwhelmed by various activities following the endless pursuit of people and corporations to make profits. This has been intensified in present times, whereby the issue of globalization and liberation of markets has taken charge. The activities in the business sector have been ever increasing thus calling for change and improvement of tactics in undertaking business. A key phenomenon which has dominated the business world today is the issue of contracts. This has been intensified following the need for specialization, quality and efficiency in production and distributions of services. The concept of supply chain management has also been in place thus intensifying the adoption of contracts. Another key phenomenon contributing to the emergence of contracts is the issue of outsourcing, whereby businesses are in the present engaged in delegation of various activities to other businesses. These entire phenomenons are in one way or another associated with the establishment of contracts for guarding the agreement between the two parties.

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