Target-Market Strategy

Target-Market Strategy

On October 26, 2011, Nokia, a finish telecoms firm, launched a set of handsets to run on Microsoft’s windows phone system, the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. The Lumia 800 is aimed at high end market and the Lumia 710 is targeting the mass market. The products will serve two organization markets: Local market (Europe) and the international market. The phone launched for the European market and it is slotted to expand to the global market by next year.

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Lumia 800 feature head stunning design, 3 beautiful colors and the best social and internet performance, with a very first social net work access. It is easier to group contacts and the phone has an integrated communication threads and internet explorer 9. The Lumia 800 contains an instant-share leading Carl Zeiss camera, HD video playback, 16GB of internal user memory and 25GB of free SkyDrive storage for storing images and music. In addition, it has a 1.4GHZ processor and a 3.7- inch AMOLED clearBlack curved display. Target-Market Strategy The launch price of the phone is expected to go up to 420 Euros. Lumia 710 is equally a good phone.

The entry strategy is to differentiate Lumia 800 from other window phone licenses that since previous window phones have been non-starter. This information must be made clear to the market that might confuse the new launch with the Mango release of Window phones.  The unique features of Nokia products such as f2.2 Carl Zeiss camera must be made to stand out. Another critical entry strategy is competitive pricing. Competitive pricing is an effective market entering strategy especially where the market is dominated by well known players. In this case, Nokia must price it new products well below Androids and IPhone. Target-Market Strategy It is only in this way that it is assured of clinching the highly competitive market.

Nokia has strong brand name in telecommunication industry. Since the time the company released the famous 3210 and 3310, it has remained to be a household name.  Riding on this strong brand name, Nokia will be able to market the new products as equally satisfying. Androids and iPhone have been characterized by terrible battery life, ugly UIs and their sluggish touch response. The long battery life of the Lumia 800, beautiful colors and a touch screen will attract consumers. The wide distribution network will also aid in marketing.Target-Market Strategy Nokia has a wide world wide presence that will assist in quick distribution.

The main barrier to Lumia entry is competition.  Both android and iPhone dominate the market for similar releases. Entering a market with this cut throat competition might be a toll challenge for Nokia. Both android and iPhone have a strong financial muscle and a consumer loyalty that they might use to turn the tables against Nokia. The lucrative U.S market is strictly under control of the two giants. In the rest of the international market, especially the developing countries, the high end Lumia 800 might be too costly for most of the customers. Furthermore, the market launch price of 420 Euros is not all that competitive. Nonetheless, low end consumers might find comfort in the lowly priced Lumia 710.

The high profiled N8 did not stir the market as expected. There is possibility that the market might develop lukewarm to the new launch. Previous performance of a company usually affects future performance. Customers must be assured that the new launch is a new departure from the poor selling N8. Although the new Lumia 800 has new and advanced features, it marks no new major innovation. Most of the tight markets are broken by new discoveries. Target-Market Strategy Coming up with products that have similar qualities with those of the competitors might not stir the market. In addition, the new Nokia will be faced with the hard task of differentiating its phone from the Windows operating system. Over the last one year, there has been lack of traction for the Windows operating system and there is fear that Nokia brand might make a meaningful difference.

The differentiation strategy must be accompanied by an effective promotion campaign. Lumia 800 and 710 are being launched in the market when there strong doubt whether Window operating system can have a traction. To show the difference and restore customer faith in the product, the launch must be accompanied by effective campaigns that also ensure demonstration of the effectiveness of the new product. Effective advertisement is also keen to ensure that the new launch breaks the domination of the market.

In order to ensure a competitive price, the company must be in a position to control the cost of production. Lean production will ensure that the benefit is passed on to the consumer. Pricing is a key marketing strategy. Customers will often be fascinated by high quality products that are lowly priced. For the purpose of market entry, Nokia Company may be forced to sacrifice the desires for high profit.


Launching Lumia 800 and 710 is a do or die for the Nokia Company. This high risk calls for serious attention to issues that can make or break the initiative. Target-Market Strategy Some of this includes quality products. To ensure the success of the product, there is need to control the production channels to ensure that what is released to the market is nothing short of the promised quality. The distribution channels will ensure that there adequate and timely supply of the product to the market.