Study on Wi-Fi technology to allow communication between vehicles

Study on Wi-Fi technology to allow communication between vehicles


The growth in technology in the 21st century has been a great relief and enhancement to human life. There has been rapid revolutions and advancement in the technological sector which has seen the development of new innovations. This has substantially influenced all sectors of the economy including production, health, education, communication and transport among other sectors. Communication has in this case been identified to be a key beneficiary of the massive developments of technology in the 21st century. With reference to enhancement of communication through new technologies, significant efficiencies in various human operations like trade, education, health and industrial production have been realized. This has adequately transformed human life. In particular, the Wi-Fi technology has been an outstanding technological development in recent days. Wi-Fi technology basically refers to wireless connection of electronic devices. This system has been adequately adopted in the connection of Smartphone, video game console, personal computer and digital audio player among other electronic devices. All these application has greatly enhanced communication to people at different terminals thus boosting human operations. In the transport sector, Wi-Fi technology has in the recent been identified as a crucial development in boosting efficiency in road transport. Wi-Fi technology in the transport sector allows communication between vehicles thus help in avoiding accidents as well as limiting fuel consumption, waiting time and traffic jams.

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