Executive Summary

Due to globalization, multinational companies compete for new markets. In the retail industry, Aldi has succeeded in its expansion in Australia. The company has revolutionized the supermarket industry in Australia by offering a wide range of products and services at low prices. The company employed cost reduction strategy to expand and survive in the Australian market. The Australian retail industry is highly concentrated with two companies controlling over 70% of the market share. Aldi used strong and competent human resource management strategy to achieve success in the new market.



This report uses the case study of Aldi’s expansion to Australian market to provide the strategic management of a company in the international markets. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF ALDI’S EXPANSION IN AUSTRALIAThis report offers a situational analysis of the company, fit between the company’s strategy and its context, evaluation of the current strategic approach of Aldi, discussion of the company strategy and its goals, and recommendations for the future of Aldi.

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