State of confusion

State of confusion


The governance of states has been a highly contested issue in many countries and more specifically the US. The controversy has been raised concerning the imposition of statutes by individual states to regulate various departments. Some of the regulations have been on parks, road use, and recreational facilities among others. In this case, the statute implemented by the state of confusion concerning trucks to use B-type truck hitch has raised a lot of concerns. In this case, the statute requires all towing trailers and trucks using its highways to be fixed with B-type truck hitch. Despite that the statute has not faced much opposition from the residents of confusion; those from outside the state see it as an additional unfair expense. This has been evident by Tanya Trucker who has filled a suit against the confusion state over the statue. This paper will discuss the court which holds jurisdiction over the case, the constitutionality of the statute as well as the provisions which determine the validity of the statute.

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