Should the NFL change the over time rule

Should the NFL change the over time rule


The overtime rule has remained controversial over the time, thus prompting the NFL to make changes. The controversy has been based on the fairness of the current overtime rule, whereby the team that wins the toss demonstrates extraordinary possession of the ball. It has been noted that since the year 1994, the team that won coin toss demonstrates over 59.8% of the time. It has also been noted that the team that won the overtime coin toss also won 34.4% of the time in the first possession. Based on this phenomenon, there has been every need to undertake the changes so as to enhance efficiency and fairness in overtime. Based on the new changes, the receiving team in the overtime has the mandate to win outright only it scores touchdown on that possession. If the receiving team kicks a field goal, it would then have to kick off and offer its opponent one possession to win or tie with a touchdown. This proposal has received hot debate from various groups concerning its efficiency and worth in football.

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