Sex Education and Adolescence Age

Sex Education and Adolescence Age

For a very long time, the issue of sex education for young people has remained prohibited and unacceptable in the society. Sex is a natural development process and many societies and cultures have been considering it a generational taboo discussing sex with their children especially the adolescents. There have been rise in sexual abuse reports in the recent past from the authorities and in the quest to solve this problem in the society, it is important to have sex education in order to make the teenagers, who are the majority of the victims aware of the dangers resulting from sexual abuses and how to avoid all this.

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Though this has been previously ignored in the society and the education systems due to culture and religion, it is important to have the sex education in the education system, in order to effectively disseminate information about sex to the learners, as well as equipping them with the safety measures and how to respond to the abuses of sex.  Among the benefits of having sexual education is to make the learners aware of the dangers impending form the unprepared sex, fulfilling their curiosity and desires to know about intimacy, making clarification on any misleading information they could be holding concerning sex, and guiding them on how to avoid sexual seductions as well as the enticements until the right time comes.

In sex education it is important to give information that is relevant, important and accurate about her sexuality in both genders in adolescence, but in regard to the specified age whether in the pure audience or in the onset of it.Sex Education and Adolescence Age Parents and teachers should not assume that their learners and children already  have this information, but should respond by being open to them and answering, asking and giving clarifications as well as information concerning , sexual life according to their exposure.  Ignoring this would result in the learners exploring for them through the wrong channel which may result in the worst consequences.

By providing the sexual education to the learners and adolescents, the parents and teachers helps to build the learners confidences and awareness as well as adding more knowledge. This makes the learners to handle the puberty life and its demands.  By making the learners aware of their body anatomy, they become tolerant of behavior patterns and options. Sex Education and Adolescence Age  Failure to give this information about sexuality will make the adolescents learn thorough the internet or their friends and often they tend to misguide each other  something which makes them gain the urge to explore more. In this age of technological applications it is important to control the information being accessed on line by the learners by filtering the websites containing explicit information.

The worst assumptions made to the adolescents, is that there is person who is responsible to provide this education ether the parents, teachers or the religious leaders.  Bearing mind that the teenagers are active always sexually, nothing will stop them from exploring this field and fulfilling the bodily desires.  The sex education should be provided by a range of professions, ranging from teachers to religious leaders, from parents to games instructors.  With extensive and effective sexual educations, there are usually lowered rates of unwanted pregnancies and the sexually transmitted diseases as well as minimized frustrations resulting from broken relationships.

The learners, after being informed, should be provided with the productive way to keep their minds engaged always and interacting in the right way. Games, projects and social groups’ will work better with this in the alteration of the learners min d in the best way t avoid concentrating in the sexual activities.  High school learners should be closely monitored by the teachers and all the engagements controlled as they tend to over react to some situations or even over engagement in the social activities.

Sex Education and Adolescence Age These learners should be taught on how to avoid and respond to the sexual abuse. There should be openness in advising the learners of the capability of experiencing sexual molestations. Girls should be advice on how to report such case and the parents should be on the fore front of ensuring the safety of their children as well as controlling the activities of their actions.

In conclusion, the various professions that are dealing with adolescents should provide sexual education to the teenagers in order to avoid the unexpected and undesired consequences.Sex Education and Adolescence Age There has been a major problem existing especially in the third world nations as to whether who will be responsible for the sexual education and the burden has been left solely to the teachers who have other responsibilities to meet.


Due to the emerging issues such as the HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases it is important to engage the adolescents in the sex education in order to avoid infection instances and unwanted pregnancies among the teenagers. Statistics have revealed that there are 25% to 30% girls related sexual molestation cases and 16% of boy’s cases before they reach the age of 1818 year, while s the largest of this number among the girls dropping school due to unwanted pregnancies. Molestation at an early stage of a teenager, could have emotional imbalance and psychological derange.