Roots and Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Roots and Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The 1974 novel, roots, by Alex Haley have much similarity with the 1852 abolitionist novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Uncle Tom’s is an 1852 abolitionist novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Although Uncle Tom’s is much of apolitical novel while the ‘Roots’ is history of genealogy, both of the novels  are an attempt to show the reader the tragedy of slavery. They both bring the reader to a point of sympathizing with the harsh conditions that slaves went through. The antislavery tone characterizing Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a big contributor to the American civil war. The cruelest aspect in which Stowe depicts slavery motivated people to take sides. On its part, ‘roots’ has provoked a desire for black Americans to search for their roots. One of the central figures in Uncle Tom’s Cabin is Uncle Tom and in the ‘roots’ is Kunta Kinte.

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