Roman religion and culture Amulius shepherd Aenes and Numitor Myths

Roman religion and culture

The founding of Rome

There are various myths surrounding the foundation of Rome with some of the myths being supported by archeological findings in the Palatine Hill date back to 750B.C while another myth says that it was founded in 753B.C and the founding legends are the Romulus and Remus. Roman religion and culture

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With the Greeks in South and the Etruscans in North, the sea trade was well thriving and the Etruscans were seen as extravagant, weak and decadent who had borrowed much of their culture from the Greeks societies. This could also explain the start of the vast sea trades and the start of navigations of the sea. The settlements around the Palatine Hill and the surrounding hills was to keep off invaders but was once conquered by Etruscan master who introduced monarchical rulers, a fact that is know on how the heredity ruling was introduced