Recognizing Uniqueness

Recognizing Uniqueness


The concept of leadership can not be exempted from the success and sustainability of any human undertaking. Since times immemorial, leadership has always been embraced for playing a vital role in the success of human activities and organization. This is evident in all human groupings including business organizations, academic institutions, religious groupings, and governments among other human settings. In all these perspectives, leaders or the leading organs are expected to demonstrate good leadership for their followers. A special aspect of consideration in the issue of leadership is that of leadership skills. In this case, every leader should strive to adopt the most admirable and efficient skills. This should be adequately adopted to ensure acceptance by all individuals in the organization or group. The issue of uniqueness has also been identified as a special aspect in leadership. This is a scenario in which leaders try to identify their unique characters as compared to their colleagues. This is of great importance in demonstrating competency and competitiveness in the midst of other leaders. With this in mind, every individual leader should be efficient in identifying his/her unique leadership skills.

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