Unit 5 Multicultural and Gender Issues


Unit 5 Discussion 1: Women and Other Cultures in the Workforce

From this week’s reading, it is evident that the historic struggles of women in the workforce continue today.  There are a number of challenges women are still facing in the workplace. First, women still struggle for workplace identity.

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Unit 6 Multicultural and Gender Issues


In this unit you will explore the importance of cultural competency and its impact on career counseling and consultation.


To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

  1. Analyze how societal norms such as gender, age, culture, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics may have influenced a client’s career development.
  2. Assess how biases and assumptions can impact the career counseling process both from the perspective of a counselor and from the perspective of a client or student.
  3. Self-assess biases and assumptions and describe how to minimize them when working with diverse populations.
  4. Analyze issues affecting women and other cultural groups in the workforce and ways to address those issues from a career counseling perspective.
  • Learning Activities

Unit 5 Study 1: Studies Readings

Use your Career Counseling text to read the following:

  1. Chapter 9, “Career Counseling for Multicultural Groups,” pages 222–247.
  2. Chapter 10, “Gender Issues and Dual Careers,” pages 248–260.
  3. Appendix C, “Multicultural Career Counseling Checklist for Female Clients,” pages 416–418.

Use your Using Assessment Results text to read the following:

  1. Chapter 3, “Some Measurement Concepts,” pages 29–42.
  2. Chapter 8, “Career Beliefs and Decision-Making Inventories,” pages 130–145.

Use the Library to read the following:

  1. Lee, C. C. (2012). A conceptual framework for culturally competent career counseling practice. Career Planning & Adult Development Journal, 28(1), 7–14.
  2. Pässler, K., Beinicke, A., & Hell, B. (2014). Gender-related differential validity and differential prediction in interest inventories. Journal of Career Assessment, 22(1), 138–152.


Choose ONE of the following articles to read or search the Library for a career counseling article related to a culture different from your culture or ethnicity. You will use this article in your assignment in this unit.

  1. Chronister, K. M., Harley, E., Aranda, C. L., Barr, L., & Luginbuhl, P. (2012). Community-based career counseling for women survivors of intimate partner violence: A collaborative partnership. Journal of Career Development, 39(6), 515–539.
  2. Flynn, S. V., Duncan, K. J., & Evenson, L. L. (2013). An emergent phenomenon of American Indian secondary students’ career development process. Career Development Quarterly, 61(2), 124–140.
  3. Moakler, M. W., & Kim, M. M. (2014). College major choice in STEM: Revisiting confidence and demographic factors. Career Development Quarterly, 62(2), 128–142.
  4. Tovar-Murray, D., Jenifer, E. S., Andrusyk, J., D’Angelo, R., & King, T. (2012). Racism-related stress and ethnic identity as determinants of African American college students’ career aspirations. Career Development Quarterly, 60(3), 254–262.
  5. Yang, A. (2014). Themes in the career development of 1.5-generation Hmong American women. Journal of Career Development, 41(5), 402–425.
  6. Zalaquett, C., & Baez, J. (2012). Career counseling with Hispanics/Latinos/as. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 28(1), 57–71.


Use the Library.

Unit 5 Discussion 1:1 page needed with minimum of 250 words and 2 references.

Women and Other Cultures in the Workforce

After reading the text and articles about the historic struggles of women in the workforce, identify three issues that remain today for women. Then choose one group that was discussed in this week’s readings and identify the additional issues this population faces. What are some ways to reduce the impact of the issues you have identified?

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