Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning


Unit 4 Assignment: Job Loss Case Study


This study analyzes the case of Joe, Angela, and Peter, who faced retrenchment. They are all from the same family and are affected differently by the job loss. The study finds that Joe might go to retirement because of his advanced age; Angela will see new employment to support the family, while Peter has time to plan and transition to a new career. Joe might relapse to depression; Angela will be unable to provide for the family, while Peter will suffer from lower self-esteem and likely to abuse drugs. The study identifies appropriate assessment tool for each including Beck Depression Inventory II for Joe and Angela, Adolescent Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI-A2) for Peter, and Career Thought Inventory for Angela and Peter. The study identifies System desensitization and cognitive behavior therapy for Joe and Angela, career placement for Angela, and career counseling for Peter as appropriate career strategies.  The study propose petition for family social support in case of job loss as an advocacy strategy.








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Unit 4 – Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning


In this unit you will explore job loss and adult transitioning. Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning In addition, you will also explore the impact of today’s technology on career counseling.

Objectives Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning

To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

  1. Analyze the early, middle, and later developmental stages of career development.
  2. Describe strategies to advocate for diverse clients’ career and educational development.
  3. Choose developmentally appropriate assessments for clients experiencing job loss.
  4. Assess cultural appropriateness of the assessments chosen for individual clients.
  5. Assess concerns related to using computer-assisted programs in career counseling.

Learning Activities|

Unit 4 Study 1

STUDIES Readings – Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning

Use your Career Counseling text to read the following:

Use the Capella Library to read ONE of the following articles that relates most closely to your interests or specialization:

Optional Reading

Use your Using Assessment Results text to read the following: Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning

  • Chapter 9, “Computer-Assisted Career Guidance and Online Assessments,” pages 148–160.


  • Resources
  • Use the Library.

Assignment 1: assignment should be 3 pages in length, follow current APA format and style, and include at least 5 references, including your text.

Job Loss Case Study

For this assignment, assume a large employer is closing in the community. In the Longevin family, the grandfather, Joe (age 60), the daughter Angela (age 40), and the grandson, Peter (age 20), are all losing their jobs. When Joe was 42, he was diagnosed with depression but he has controlled this for the past few years. You may embellish this scenario as needed, including cultural implications and assessment results, to address the following elements in this assignment: Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning

  • Analyze the three developmental career stages of Joe, Angela, and Peter.
  • How might job loss impact each person in terms of their relationships and mental well-being?
  • How might family roles and responsibilities shift as a result of job loss?
  • Which career counseling strategies would you use to help with the changes resulting from job loss?
  • Select developmentally appropriate career assessments that would be helpful to guide your work with each client in this case study. Name one assessment you would use for each person and describe the criteria you used to make this choice. Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning
  • Assess the cultural appropriateness of the assessments you chose for each client.
  • Based on the assessment results and the effects of job loss you identified, select and apply career counseling strategies to the case study that would facilitate skill development for career, educational, and life-work planning and management.

Your assignment should be 3 pages in length, follow current APA format and style, and include at least 5 references, including your text.

Case Study Template Below Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning


Unit 4 Assignment: Job Loss Case Study

Learner Name

COUN 5279


Professor Name



Here you are to summarize the contents of this paper. This summary should be one short paragraph that includes the purpose of this assignment, and the list of this assignment’s components in narrative (not list) form.

Unit 4 Assignment: Elements of an APA Paper Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning

Start writing your introduction here (1–2 paragraphs). An effective introduction prepares the reader by identifying the purpose of the paper and providing the organization of the paper. Please double-space and remember to indent all paragraphs throughout your paper (not block form). Aim to keep your writing objective using third person. Unless required for the specific assignment, please do not include a table of contents, as it is not APA style. Review paper guidelines on page requirements and number of sources required. Unless citing a classic work, aim to cite research articles and texts published within the past five years. Please use headings throughout your paper that are consistent with the paper’s scoring guide (that way you ensure you are adequately addressing all required areas.). Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning

When you finish writing your paper, re-read it to check for errors and make sure your ideas flow well. A helpful tip is to read your paper aloud to yourself. If it does not sound right to your ear, it is not working on paper! Please submit your papers to Turnitin (linked in the course) to check for plagiarism. Also, remember as a Capella learner you have free access through Campus to personal tutoring services with Smarthinking.com.

Career Development Stages – Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning

Review the evaluation categories in the scoring guide to ensure you are addressing the “distinguished” category for all sections of your paper. Analyze the early, middle, and late career development stages as it relates to this case study. Remember: this case study involves three people, each a member of the same family. Describe any cultural considerations you may have for each family member.

Impact of Job Loss

In this section, describe the possible impacts of job loss for each member of the family. Analyze the impact of a job loss on mental well-being and relationships. In addition, incorporate the potential effects of job loss based on the respective roles and responsibilities of each person in the family unit. You should support the potential impacts you list with evidence from the literature.

Career Assessment – Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning

In this section, choose one assessment that you would use for each family member and the rational for each assessment. Include the developmental and cultural appropriateness of this assessment. In other words, be sure to include your rationale for selecting each assessment.

Career Counseling Strategies

Based on the results of the fictitious career assessment (you may embellish assessment results here) and taking into account the impacts you identified in the previous section, which career counseling strategies would you use to facilitate each family member’s skill development for career, educational, or life-work planning and management? Be certain the strategies you recommend are evidence-based (that is, based on the results of the assessment as well as supported by the professional literature), developmentally appropriate, and relevant for the client.  Unit 4 Impact of Job Loss and Transitioning


One important role of counseling professionals is advocating for diverse clients. This can be very different from providing direct services through individual or small group counseling. Thinking beyond this particular case study, how might you as a counseling professional advocate for the career and educational development of your clients?


Please provide a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas of your paper.



Begin your references on a separate page with the heading above (not bold). (Delete this and all these instructions when you are done reading them.) For this paper you are to have at least three references including your text.

You must have a reference for each source cited in your paper. Do not list a reference that was not cited in your paper. Consult your APA manual for proper examples on citing and referencing APA style. The Capella University Writing Center also has helpful tutorials.

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