Unit 10  Project Wrap-Up and Course Reflection on Alternative Models of Treatment


Substance Abuse among Adolescent and College Students

The use of alcohol and other substances among adolescents and college students is a major concern across the world.  Statistics shows a worrying trend in substance abuse among this group. …….  This is line with reported statistics showing that marijuana is the most abused drugs by adolescents and college students (Triana, Olson, & Trevino, 2012). Project Wrap-Up and Course Reflection on Alternative Models of Treatment

Research studies have shown that substance abuse behaviors start during adolescent and continue to adulthood if not mitigated. This …… This is also an experimental stage when abusers experiment with more than one substance.  …………………………….. While most abusers at this age shows reservation for traditional substance abuse treatment approaches like AA, n…………………

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Unit 10
Project Wrap-Up and Course Reflection on Alternative Models of Treatment


This unit initiates the wrap-up process and brings the course to a close. At this point in the course, you have completed the final content units, and the instructor and other learners have reviewed portions of the course paper. You have integrated, or will continue to integrate, their feedback into the final paper that is to be submitted to the instructor by the date specified in the Faculty Expectations.

The last steps in the course process include forwarding your assignments to the instructor, as outlined in the Syllabus, and completing the course evaluation, which is delivered via e-mail.
Pursuing graduate education is an action step designed to achieve the goals that each person sets for professional and personal development.Self-reflection  and self-assessment are part of the professional’s repertoire of academic skill sets. You can develop and fine-tune the academic skills that you will need throughout a curriculum of study using self-reflection.

Project Wrap-Up and Course Reflection on Alternative Models of Treatment

It is now time to reflect on your course experience. This course has been designed to challenge you, to be engaging, and to have an impact on your professional life. It has introduced cutting-edge approaches to treatment with the motivational and solution-focused models. In wrapping up the course, you are again asked to reflect on how you have developed as a graduate student. You have participated in a self-assessment of specific academic skills, participated in the discussions, and are now finalizing your course paper.

At this time, therefore, you are asked to identify three things that you learned in this course that you view as valuable to your continuing development as a professional and that have expanded your understanding of how theory and research interface with your world of work.

Project Wrap-Up and Course Reflection on Alternative Models of Treatment

Last, but not least in importance, you are strongly urged to complete the course evaluation. Your feedback is used in the School of Human Services to assist with course revisions and to provide instructors with constructive information about the teaching-learning experience.


To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:
1. Develop a process for assessing the impact of learning new material that can be used in future courses to enhance learning experiences.
2. Evaluate progress and goal achievement through the content of the course.
3. Identify how you will modify your professional practice if you were hired in this setting, based on what you learned from this course.
4. Describe and analyze the tenets of cognitive behavioral therapies, solution-focused therapy, and motivational therapy with substance abusers. Project Wrap-Up and Course Reflection on Alternative Models of Treatment
Learning Activities
Assignment-Final Project: 5 pages needed and with references as needed.
Addiction Impact and Treatment


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