Prison Culture and Prison Gangs

Prison Culture and Prison Gangs


Prison life has been identified as one of the most challenging as compared on other forms of human life. Despite the numerous developments attained in the 21st in human civilization, education, globalization and religion, people have not yet been exempted from doing crimes. This has led to their retention in prisons for punishment and transformation. Based on the punishment aspects of the prison life, the environments have been manipulated to be so severe for any human enjoyment or pleasure. This is in regards to the need for combat crime based on the ideas that heavy punishment leads to reduction of recidivism and crime. With regards to the harsh prison life, inmates are forced to adapt strategies that will lead to their survival. This has brought up to what is commonly referred to as prison gangs and prison culture, which entails survival tactics for inmates. The issue of prison gangs has been inexistence for quite sometime, whereby it dates back to the development of prisons. These gangs are mainly formed by inmates serving long sentences for the aim of enhancing they stay in the harsh prison environments. This paper will provide an in-depth discussion and analysis of the issue of prison culture and prison gangs.

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