Patrol Strategy for the NYPD

Patrol Strategy for the NYPD


Despite the numerous developments attained by the global community in the 21st century, the issue of insecurity has remained a vital threat. Both developed and developing nations are overwhelmed in this menace of insecurity, crime, and terrorism. The US has been of great focus as far as security is concerned, whereby it has undergone many milestones in its endeavors to ensure full security to its populous. Nevertheless, the US is still suffering from high rates of crime and insecurity. The menace of terrorism has been the most outstanding issues as far as homeland security is concerned. The climax of this calamity was evident by the Sept 11 terrorist attack. Based on these phenomenons, there has been every need to come up with an efficient patrol strategy that would help New York Police Department to ensure effective crime fighting tactics, police community relations and advanced anti-terrorism tactics. It has bee noted that the NYPD has been struggling tirelessly to attain an efficient patrol strategy though in vain. This has led to high sense of inefficiency in fighting crime, inefficiency in the war on terrorism and poor police community relations. As a result of this phenomenon, there is every need to come up with a patrol strategy for the NYPD that will help in countering these Challenges.

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