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Organizations Research


Business sector has in the recent been highly transformed following the integration of nations. This phenomenon has opened new opportunities for business organizations who seek to operate in the global markets. The case of Wal-Mart has been interesting following its steady growth and development over the last twenty years. Wal-Mart has been identified as a leading company in the retail industry in the globe. It is in fact the retail giant globally following its steady and sustainable success over the years. Wal-Mart has demonstrated market leadership and competence in the US and other nations like, China, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Korea, Puerto Rico, UK and Brazil. The good management practices as well as the unique marketing strategies have adequately enhanced the success of the company. Wal-Mart was founded and established in 1962 and has ever since reported continued and steady growth and expansion into global markets. Over a span of 17 years in operation, the company had been able to top annual sales of over 1bn US dollars. In the year 2002, Wal-Mart was named the leading and largest retailer globally with record sales of 218 billion US dollars.

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