New World Leadership Skills

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New World Leadership Skills

With the global entrepreneurial society becoming idea-intensive and interdependent, appropriate leadership skills are necessary. On becoming an effective leader, an individual is required to develop a variety of competencies which facilitate their efficiency in the positions they hold. One according to Bennis (2009), diverse dialogue with stakeholders forms a fundamental aspect of good leadership. On this basis, good leaders in the currently dynamic society need to develop diverse information network to facilitate sustained flow of information into the organization for strategic decision making.  To be able to articulate organizational vision with the stakeholders’ capabilities is an important quality of a good leader. Since organizations require the entire society in order to move forward, leaders need to not only establish good network of communication with the internal organizational environment, but also to the entire society (Northouse, 2009). By doing so, the society will recognize the value of the organization which will result into mutual interaction between the society and the organization. 

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