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As stated by the company’s vice president, Hugo Schaeffer, the company is experiencing problems of increased overtime costs in receiving plant number one (RP1) and growers are exceedingly complaining that their drivers as well as trucks are required to wait for relatively long period of time before they could unload process fruits into the plant. In this case, the growers are furious that they have leased trucks and employed drivers to help in getting the berries out of the field only to be seen standing idle waiting to unload. The company spent $100,000during the previous winter for a fifth Kiwanee dumper at this receiving plant but the problem persists. It should be noted that the increase in overtime costs resulted from delayed trucks in the temporary holding section because of the lack of adequate space for unloading. This problem was so severe that its effects were felt even by the employees in the fields. Additionally, employees in the fields were paid a lot of overtime payments especially during the peak period of the season.