My Autobiography








[Word count: 1250]


In life, there are some things that happen which you are not prepared for, but which change you attitude and perception. Young people, especially the teenagers, think they are healthy and strong and nothing can hinder them from performing their tasks, especially physical exercises. In short, they think they are invincible and when some find that they are not invincible, it greatly affects their lives. I was one of those people who thought that I was invincible, and hence, according to my thinking, getting injuries such as knee injury and breakages was not a big deal to me. Nonetheless, I was not ready for what would happen latter.

Growing up, I liked swimming, playing football, volleyball, and softball and would compete aggressively with my peers. Swimming was my favourite play and hence I would call my peers to a competition and in all cases I emerged the winner. This gave me the drive to become a diver when I grow up despite that my parents were against my ambitions. As a matter of fact, I was addicted to sports and swimming to be precise. Swimming was my life throughout the year and I was delighted to engage in swimming contests for my school in Virginia.

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Currently, I have fully recovered and I am a different person. I must say that the experience taught me several things in life though it was very painful. I have developed a desire to help others especially those who need my help and I am determined to work as a community worker where my help could impact the life of other people. I now realize what my doctor meant when she said that positive attitude is the foundation of any success.