Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions


The management of corporate organization has been one of the challenging tasks in the business world today. Following the emergence and development of globalization, liberalization of markets and tremendous growth in technology, a high level of competition in business world has yielded up. This is so because the world population has been put in a common platform characterized by speed communication and close interactions thus heightening business activities. With reference to this situation, corporate managers are forced to adopt the most competitive and efficient strategies so as to guarantee there survival and success in the market. Mergers and acquisition has been identified as one of the best corporate strategies for countering stiff competition in the business world. Basically mergers and acquisitions which are abbreviated as M&A is an aspect of corporate strategy, management and corporate finance dealing with selling, buying, combining and division of companies to enhance performance. Despite that both terms has different meaning, their distinction has remained blurred in various ways. A point worth of consideration is that M&A are currently dominant in the corporate world, whereby corporate organizations are joining their synergies to overcome market challenges. This paper will explore the concept of mergers and acquisitions and their development trend as far as international companies are concerned.

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