Management, Staff Motivation and Morale

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Management, Staff Motivation and Morale

Self motivated employees improve their performances; however, this can be accelerated with the support from leaders and fellow coworkers. There are some employees who are motivated but do not perform well because of many other factors like lack of adequate resources. Employee motivation has been reported as one of the ways of improving outcomes especially when the correct motivating factors are used in enhancing staff morale as well as motivation. Because of the increased and rapidly changing of job roles, employees are searching for employment terms that provide them with uncertainties and comfort (D’Aunno & Gilmartin, 2012). All job roles are designed to help the organization in consideration to meet its set goals and objectives hence leaders and managers should ensure that they help their employees to achieve these goals. This can be easily done by provision of staff morale which is of great importance in the success of an organization. In this case, it’s the role of managers or leaders to identify components and aspects that influence positive outcomes. These aspects may include; job expertise, staff training and experience, workers job satisfaction and motivation, and work life valance. In a health care situation it is imperative for managers to address issues like patient’s perspectives and workers’ clinical judgment.

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