Legalizing abortion in the world and emerging issues.

Legalizing abortion in the world and emerging issues.

Abortion has been a controversial issue in society over the years with many of the world nations legalizing any attempt to practice abortion. However, according to the many of the health policies in most nations, abortion has been legalized on some specified conditions. Abortion is the expulsion of pregnancy from the uterus before actual birth occurs. Following the arguments of CIBA Foundation Symposium, such conditions includes risks occurring during delivery or pregnancy complication which exposes the life of the mother or infant at stake hence the health practitioners have to sacrifice either the mother or the child (246). According to Mesce and Clifton, although this practice by health practitioners seems to be accepted globally, the end results is that abortion will still have occurred (25). In 1973, some nations legalized abortion while others specified some conditions for expulsion pregnancy and since then over 56 million abortions have occurred. However, many health critics have argued that legalizing abortion id the best way in the control of population pressure within a growing nation where resources are limited  while pro life activists together with human rights advocating for its legalization. This has made the abortion issue to be controversial and sensitive due to difference ion perceptions of religious, moral cultural and political dimensions. Abortion should be legalized worldwide in all situations within or outside any health centre.

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