Leadership Style

Leadership Style

Question one

Although an effective leader should be flexible, democratic style of leadership stands out in most occasions, that is, as long as the situation permits. In most cases the style of leadership to apply depends on the nature of the task at hand thus calling for flexibility. The reason why democratic style stands out in most cases is because it allows team members to be part of decision-making process. This style allows the leader to maintain control of the group and also gives the leader a leeway in the final decision making. By allowing input from group members, the leaders are able to come up with the best decision which could not have been arrived at if the leaders made the duty of decision making their guarded preserve (Bennis, 2009). In addition, democratic style of leadership allows the leader to discuss the impacts that a certain decision would have on the individual employees, the team, and the project itself. This makes the team contented and is able to understand why a certain decision was favored over the other.

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