Internet encyclopaedias

Internet encyclopaedias

Evaluation: Internet encyclopaedias

Technological advances have altered every aspect of human life: from political, social economic and cultural. Internet has virtually taken over everything we do. In the field of academia and research, the impacts of internet are widely visible. Internet has actually has actually made learning and research easier. Most people now prefer a click of a mouse rather than a reach for the shelf. Internet contains a plethora of learning materials, some free, other accessible with cheap subscription while other can be bought at a largely subsidized price. One of these materials is internet encyclopaedias (Evans & Schneider 34). In not so long ago when there were no computers with internet loaded with information, one had to leave the house and walk to the liberally to check out one of these encyclopaedias. For those who were lucky, and had the money, they would purchase a set of encyclopaedias just to enrich their learning. Not any more now. What one now need is just an access to internet. Although, internet encyclopaedias have enriched learning, there doubt in regard to authenticity of their contents. This essay evaluates the use of internet encyclopaedias in academics.

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