Impacts of Social Media on Consumer Decision Making Process

Impacts Of Social Media On Consumer Decision Making Process


A report by Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016) indicated that more than 7.7 million households in Australia have access to the internet representing 86% of all the households in the country and 3% increase from 2013. Over 97% of the internet users in Australia are aged more than 15 years. Impacts Of Social Media On Consumer Decision Making Process. The increased accessibility and use of the internet and penetration of smartphones in the market has increased the rate of social media use.

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The report by Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016) indicated that smartphone penetration in the market was at 81% and it extended its market leadership over laptops whose penetration rate reduced by 11% to 59%. Based on this report, majority of people in the market use their smartphones to access the internet. A report by Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011) indicated that 79% of the Australian adults are social media users. Therefore, social media is a potential platform for marketing and buying goods and services in the market.

Impacts Of Social Media On Consumer Decision Making Process.

Due to the advancement of the internet communication and increased competition in the market, companies use social media and the internet to reach out to their customers. Facebook is the most popular social media site in the country with more than 12 million users on a daily basis followed by YouTube,, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Whatapp among others. Social media offers a platform for companies to market their products in the market as well as for customers to get information regarding demanded products and services in the market (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016). This study discusses the impacts of social media on the consumer decision making processes.

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