Impacts of social medial on society

Impacts of social medial on society

Internet has created a platform form increased and enhanced communication all over the world and this has contributed to globalization. One of the most used forms of communication over the internet is social media applications which have more users than there is in the number of internets users daily. According to Ishak (2011), these social medias includes Facebook, Watsapp, Twitter, Skype, and Google+ among many others which have thousands of users daily  and they have been transforming the society daily as many people interacts with friends families and even strangers. Social media can be used today to transform peoples’ lives and societies at large through interaction and exchange of ideas as well as to cause conflicts which have negative impacts on the persons being involved. Arguments have been raised on how the social media are being used to transform and impact societies negatively through disseminating harmful information such hatred, terrorism as well as online bullying and conning. As McGarry (2014) argues, on the other hand increased use of social media have enabled flow of information faster, efficient and have enabled many business to flourish , through online marketing, purchasing of goods as well as bringing a new form of entertainment and leisure through chatting. Social media has more disadvantages which include addiction, family and health problems than advantages such as interaction and marketing and entertainment (Cain, 2008).

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Social media sites are quite informative compared to other news providing bodies such as newspapers, radio and television since social networks access information as it occurs on the ground. When such news is posted on one social media sites, clients share the information and within short span of time the information a will have reached almost all the users of such social site. Following the arguments of Ishak (2011) social media have enabled dissemination of important information among learners concerning particular events within the school settings such as change in opening dates.

Social media which supports videos and live chats such as Skype and Google+ have enabled live negotiations during online trades where clients purchases goods overseas.Impacts of social medial on society According to McGarry (2014), such live communications have enabled manufacturers to conduct business at international level since it becomes easier to convince a buyer through live demonstrations and pictures. In the recent years, due to business competitiveness in the products produced, social media have created a platform for marketing of industrial goods (Cain, 2008).

Companies’ posts pictures of their products and their descriptions as well as price and through sharing the social site users makes the information about the products available to many people who might be interested with the products. Entertainments are an important part of human life as it aids in the utilization of leisure time and social sites and network have offered new forms of entertainment. Sharing personal information and getting feed backs through comments from friends as well as being informed about what is happening all over the world offers personal entertainment. According to Ishak (2011), social media have been used by politicians to win the favor of votes, similar to the way President Obama spent time to preach his message on Facebook and Tweeter during his 2008 presidential Campaigns where he won later.

However, on the other hand social media have been used as a platform to spread hatred, incitement, hate speech, terrorism among many others.Impacts of social medial on society Social sites are sprouting at a higher rate yet the manufacturers have not yet identified method of protecting the users’ privacy as well as control of the use. According to Pernisco (2010), commenting on the report released by Nick and Alyssa social media have been used for harassments and creating dangers among the millions of internet users.

People have been posting pictures and information which might be considered explicit and due to the loosened restrictions, minors have been able to access pornographic materials from social sites. In the recent past, due to increased use of Information Technology (IT), hacking has become rampant and common. Hackers have been able to access other peoples’ accounts of social media, manipulating the information or using the accounts to post harmful information on the internet.

Following the arguments of McGarry (2014), on the privacy offered by social media, he had argued out that most of the social networks do not have enough privacy and the users’ information can be accessed by the developers or can manipulate it.Impacts of social medial on society With hacking becoming rampant and weak development of security measures by social accounts developers, terrorism could easily be spread through falsified information. Security agencies of different states Such as United States which relies much on internet could have their websites manipulated to expose to the social media the information stored online on such websites (McGarry, 2014). Most of the social medias photo sharing do not allow for the users permissions and have direct access to phone cameras and if hurriedly used it can post the unintended picture to web.

As Information Technology continues to grow, online shopping is becoming more risky as many hackers have been targeting such transactions and have been draining purchasers’ accounts. As mentioned earlier, according to Ishak (2011), social media have created a marketing platform and thus have increased international trade and sales, but have made little efforts to secure such transactions leading to loss of finances. Hacking have made online transactions risky since on the social media , fraudsters have been posting ghost company products or have stolen information from unsuspecting companies and have used it for conning.

Others use the social networks such as Facebook which is the most rampant to woe naïve users to expose bank details to them where they use such details to steal off money (Cain, 2008).Impacts of social medial on societyMost of the con in the social media do not have privacy policy on their walls and will make the purchasers to buy in a hurry or sometimes asks for payments before shipping of products is done.

Use of asocial media as a source of entertainment is not beneficial s it leads to addiction. Such additions is time wasting since most of the learners spends most of the time required for learning chatting with friends.  This addiction in turn affects the learners’ performances hence low grades.Impacts of social medial on societyWorkers who uses internet, will lower their productivity due to obsession with social media instead of working hence generation of low revenues for such organizations.

Due to increased addiction on use of social media among the teenagers, more negative effects are likely to occur such as increased number of road accidents as most of the drivers will be tempted to chat while on wheels. Addiction in work over the use of social Medias will result to retrenchments or demotions in job positions (Tariq, 2010). Furthermore, as the accident occurs, this will affect the productivity of such teenagers as well as have lifelong implications such as deformities.

Learners will lose motivation due to addiction on social networks since they are always in the virtual world instead of seeking practical knowledge from reality. Social networks communication does not necessary require grammatical corrections and with addictions the users command of language and creative writing skills will be lost (Ishak, 2011). Impacts of social medial on societyCommand of language is lost due to tendency of social network users to use slang words or shortened forms of words which leads to rely on computers for grammars and spellings checkers.

Social networks have been sources of families’ breaks up as well as relationships frustrations as spouses accuse each other of cheating using the social media. Furthermore family relations will be affected by the addictions of social networks as children will be more defiant to parents and the older siblings. According to Cain (2008), an addictions lead to isolation of individual from the rest of society members and this weakens the social structures created within a particular community. Impacts of social medial on society Cultures will erode away as the social network a user tends to absorb foreign cultures hence cultural colonization will be great among many societies (Tariq, 2010).

When a person isolates themselves from society and starts to live solitude lives with fewer friends, health problems are likely to develop afterwards due to loneliness. Excessive use of social networks has been known to cause mental problems and physical health among the users. According to Tariq (2010), the mental problems are caused due to change in the eating habits as well changing on the usual schedule to sleep.

Most of the users are likely to develop some health conditions such as diabetes and heart complications since addiction to social networks may make them develop cravings to sugary and junks foods. Learners who develop addiction to social networks are likely to develop mental problems due to straining much and little resting especially with much use of caffeinated beverages.Impacts of social medial on society Withdrawal in work and continued segregation of individual from others is likely to develop to stress and depression as their craving for social network increases.

In conclusion, the social media have many negative impacts such as development of poor health due to addiction and poor performance among the learners, family break ups and erosion of cultures, low productivity in work, development of terrorism activities, increased hacking and high rate of conmen among others. As compared to the merits of using the social networks which seems to expound the rate of interaction and promotion of interaction cooperation, source of entertainment, sharing of important organization among members among others, social network use should be regulated. Parents should be on the front line to oversee the children usage of the social networks and should control the use to avoid addictions. Most of the learning institutions should filter and censor some of the social media networks from the school internets. By censoring such websites, learners will be able to concentrate on academics affairs online.


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