IM / IT Analysis

IM / IT Analysis

Question 1

Appropriate use of Information technology and management systems has the ability to transform the health care system. It has the ability to save lives, improve health care outcome, and reduce cost. With the ballooning of health care cost and the number of individuals without health care, it is important that the health IT be harnessed as a tool to transform healthcare, improve quality by delivering information when and where it is most needed, reduce healthcare cost, empower consumers in their health care decisions, and ensure privacy and security of personal health information. As the health sector struggles with healthcare reform policy, Health IT has emerged as an appropriate tool for improving the effectiveness and the efficiency of health care. There are five key components of information technology that are important in creating a robust healthcare infrastructure. The key components to a successive information technology are people, process, culture, content, and technology. These are key components in initiating a technology that will meet the health need.

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