Human Resources Practices for Pepsi

Human Resources Practices for Pepsi

PepsiCo is one of the companies that have result oriented work approach with highly skilled and experienced employees in order to provide their customers with the best serviced and products. The company‘s mission is to provide widespread opportunities for growth and enrichments for their employees, business partners, and investors (Bachmeier, 2009). This shows that employees are not considered as slaves but as very important asserts which play a great role in improving profitability and productivity. Employees are served with honest, fairness and integrity in order to ensure that they are highly motivated to continue with their hard work. The human resource manager of the company has realized that the performance of an employee relies on their capability backed by motivation (Jackson, 1992).

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The best practice in human resource is a certain approach or practice that is employed in managing people with a positive impact of the company’s overall performance. This is usually done by ensuing that employees’ satisfaction, motivation, and customer satisfaction is improved drastically (Carson et al., 1992). When employees are adequately satisfied through being motivated, they are in a position to provide their customers with the highest quality services they may require leading to customer satisfaction. This implies that employee satisfaction is directly related to customer satisfactions (Bachmeier, 2009).

PepsiCo has been very successful both in local and international markets because it has been able to satisfy their employees by training them regularly, offering promotions on merits, and involving employees in the process of decision making. Employees develop a feeling of equality when they are distributed with similar uniforms (Jackson, 1992). There are learning facilities that are provided to employees whereby they learn smart and training which encourage them to work confidently.

Employees are motivated through rewards and recognitions in order to perform better. In this case, the contributions made by employees in the organization are heavily recognized in order to ensure that employees do not feel that they are considered as slaves but as important and valuable assets (Bachmeier, 2009). The company is committed toward building a mode of management that is aimed at creating a workforce that is motivated and aligned toward organizational aims, goals, and objectives. In this case, each and every employee is recognized and motivated to work hard in order to meet organizational as well as personal objectives (Carson et al., 1992).

Through training, employees are in a position to learn a lot in terms of organization and also personal skills which build their experiences. Employees are offered with scholarship programs in order to further their education. Human Resources Practices for Pepsi The company has realized that stresses at work places are usually reduced through training and the more an employee is trained the more he or she is capable of performing better (Jackson, 1992). Additionally, employees are promoted in order to satisfy them and enable them work hard. Promotion is one of the factors that contribute heavily to employees’ satisfaction. This is because they feel that they are continuously growing within the organization (Bachmeier, 2009).

Human resource management is an imperative aspect in any organization as it leads to improvement of performances in terms of productivity and profitability. Employees are essential in an organization as they determine the level of performance in that organization. In this case therefore, PepsiCo has increasingly recognized the contributions of employees and has rewarded them accordingly.


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