How to Write a Nursing Research Paper

How to Write a Nursing Research Paper

Are you eager to graduate? To advance in your nursing career, you need to put a lot of effort into your studies. Put more effort into your practice. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by too much work already. But don’t worry, once you follow the steps below, you will write your research paper with ease.

A nursing research paper is proof of your practices in the nursing career. To excel in nursing, you need to be practical about how you handle patients. For this reason, put a lot of emphasis on research work. A nurse needs a current update to offer better patient care, give valid conclusions, and have literacy on excellent writing skills.

What are the basics tips to put into consideration before writing a research paper?

  • Learn how to outline your paper. – Make a structured guide to follow to avoid the chances of repeating yourself. A table of content is effortless to structure.
  • Know the writing styles APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association).- APA is an academic style used for writing humanities, social sciences, nursing essays, among others .MLA is the most used style in English literature, cultural studies, History, and Anthropology are among many subjects.
  • Use valid citations.-Base your work with the recent finding. Research on site that got updated in recent years.
  • Know formatting tips and tools. For example, Grammarly for checking grammar mistakes. Use the basic formats of writing. The work presented in DOC’s format looks neat.

A detailed guide on how to write a well-structured research paper.


 The Title Page

The title is the element that describes the article which your readers expect to read. It’s the story’s opening. Write a short detailed phrase, including significant variables. Avoid lengthy titles of more than sixty characters.

You should include the author’s full name, contact details: mail, fax, telephone number, and email address. This will ease communication between you and the professor. Mention your professors, too, and anyone else who participates in your research. Do not forget to show your submission date.


The information in this section should have a comprehensive and brief summary of the entire article. Make sure to only write the accurate and essential information in the article.  In most cases, readers only read this part, and if it’s not compelling, they may not proceed with the article.

Also include the purpose of the research, the results, and your conclusion. Say the qualitative method used to collect data. Although this section comes on the front page, you should write it after completing the main body.

The introduction

This section introduces the entire paper giving your readers a general overview of the content. Please do not include a heading phrase on the first line, but instead, write it after a few paragraphs. Make your introduction persuasive for your readers.

An introduction should answer the ‘why’ question. Let your readers know why you choose the topic and your results.

Content search and literature review.

Make good use of the google, yahoo, American online, and literature journals. The internet is full of information, and you need to search the keywords and sort out the most helpful information. Narrow down your search until you get the core words.

A well-researched literature review should help identify current information in medical practices related to your topic. Primarily, a literature review should discuss only the known and give solutions. It gives a detailed analysis of the topic, assuring the reader that the author understands others’ work.

Writing style and citations.

A paper which is well outlined attracts the attention of the reader. In whichever style you are using, ensure the heading, subheadings, and the main body is more organized. By looking at the paper, a reader should pick any part without a struggle.

Give credit where it is due. When searching, you will come across ideas and direct quotes from other people’s work. It’s ethical to acknowledge the owner and cite the source. Presenting somebody’s work is plagiarism.

List of references and table of contents.

A list of references is usually written on its separate page below the main body. Write them in alphabetical order of the author’s surname. Present the first name and middle name with initials. Include the title and page of the source reference, year of publication, and name of the publisher.

A table of contents comes below the reference. Write headers and page numbers in the table of content.


End your paper with the findings from your research. Summarize your work in this section in a simple language. Give recommendations and ways to put in place your findings. Acknowledge and accept the challenges you’ve gone through.

Lastly, the nursing research paper is part of the academic assignment. Work on it with caution, keeping in mind it can affect your final grades.