Gun Control in United States of America

Gun Control in United States of America

Citizens’ guns right in United States of America.

Guns ownership in United States remains a hot debate and there has been arguments supporting gun ownership while others have been opposing it completely due to the rise in criminal activities using firearms and increased losses of innocent lives. Horse have observed that guns ownership in the United States remains a hot debate and there has been arguments supporting gun ownership while others have been opposing it completely (1). Morris had observed that through a survey conducted by the small and light arms department that in the United States has 89 firearms for every one hundred people which is more that the number of firearms in Yemen and Mexico combined (1). The groups that supports the guns owner ships argues out that the government through the department of Homeland Security have failed to protect the citizens to the required standards and are underfunded an fails to get the crime actions on time. Some of the Americans citizens feels that despite the constitution being there to protect citizens rights, there should be a individually made step to protect themselves since criminal activities are becoming rampant with the  and the security agents are not responsive over this on time.

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Most of United States citizens believe that regulation of the fire arms is ineffective in the control of gun ownership as noted by Morris who had observed that in the year 2004 alone there were 10,654 intentional homicides a number which would have been lowered without the access to guns although it was still high bearing in mind that the victims were innocent (p.1).

The huge numbers of weapons which are unregistered and in the wrong ownership and shops of firearms while the centric gun control laws are limited. Jonsson says that when a gun is well maintained it can last for a decade yet still it remains as dangerous as before when it is in the wrong hands (p.1).  Some of the citizens believe that even if gun selling restrictions were implemented, the supply and selling of illegal guns would still circulate and remain high in the streets (Yemma 1).

Due to the increased gun violence, one of the possible ways of handling the possession of the illegal fire arms is to destroy the seized arms and removal of such destroyed brands from the markets. Jonsson says that this will help to reduce the rate of replacements of the guns by the criminals who have committed crime using gun and are in fear that it can be used as evidentiary link (1).

Yemma as he argued “Guns lore flow through our culture”, says guns are in plenty of supply such that acquiring another gun after one commits crime is cheap as the offenders will tend to dispose a gun after actions of crime to conceal the evidence and by halting the supply, it will be hard to replace the weapons and obtain clean ones (p.1). Criminals will be forced to stick to the old weapons  they have acquired either through licensing and this will make it possible for the security agents  to arrest them since even the price of a new weapon will be higher to shortages in the markets.

In the recent past there have been increased entrepreneurs in United States who deals with cash business and are always in fear that their economic activities are under threat due to the possession of arms. Most of these individuals are purchasing arms to protect themselves and the properties.Gun Control in United States of America Jonsson have observed that guns ownership in the United States have double form the last two decades (p.1). This massive illegal possession of fire arms have been contributed to the rise in the state of insecurity in the United States of America where by almost all states have permitted the possession concealed gun for the citizens without serious criminal records and those found to be free from any mental illness.

According to Gregory this law of licensing Americans to own guns coincides with the adoption a new self defense law which gave all the armed citizens rights though partially to shoot at a fellow American (p.1). The government should allow over the ownership of the firearms through licensing, though it should be on the watch over high number of illegal possessions and should come up with strategies that will control the trade of firearms through controlling the source of the gun in the black market.

Jonsson an economist and guns rights advocate had researched on the number murders that occurred in the Illinois State and he found out that 1% of the total committed murder crimes were done by licenced gun carriers while the rest was from the illegal fire arms possessions (p.1). This indicate that despite the stereotype held over the possession of the firearms by the state authorities that  licensing of the firearms ownership as increasing the number of crimes committed annually, the illegal possession played a major part in the number of murders reported annually in the security desks.

Horse says that the fact that there is a continued criminal activities despite the lowered licensing of the possession of guns, hence there is no need to regulate the firearm possession by the people of unites states but there is a need to regulate and make people aware of how to handle those weapons and when to use them, not just to rely on guns as the source of security alone (p.1).

Crime is unpredictable and gangs have been opening fire in the public during the crime in action to avoid distraction and also have easy run off ways and escaping the security agents. Most of the citizens in the United States have been using guns for personal protection almost 400, 000 times in the last five years ending at 2011, F.B.I  (p.2). Gun Control in United States of America Unpredictability of the crime activities have made most of the people to lose trust with the security agents and are seeking  to have personalized security which had followed the common assumption that the public is always safe  as they are controlled by  constitution and security agents.

This situation of personalized security have made many of the American citizens to purchase illegal firearms since the legal procedure of acquiring the concealed weapons is tedious and many of the people want to have the guns of their choice.

Josh argues that by allowing the Americans to have access to guns, this will help to minimize crime whereby the holders could use it in fighting of criminals who may have intention of robbing (p.1). Jonsson gives a similar situation where by Brian Patrick, university Professor and concealed gun holder had stopped a possible crime by brandished a hand gun to a stranger who wanted to his car (p.1). Another example is where the felonies have been opening fire to the public and killing massively like the case of 28-year-old Michael McClendon who  shot 10 people dead and injuring others n March 10, 2009,  in a spree that covered three counties of Alabama State.

By training the holders on how to respond to criminals in case there is exchange of bullets, the public of the United States will be able to use the fire arms in the right way to protect themselves and also to prevent criminal activities.Gun Control in United States of America According to Gregory this will help to cut the budgets allocation for the protection of the citizens by the security agents and curbing down of potential crime activities (p.1). Criminals do not follow the rules set and are bound to breaking them especially when they will be required to pass through security checks which are meant to detect  people carrying fire arms.

Gregory says that criminalizing the possession and purchasing of fire arms will not prevent the public from accessing firearms illegally (p.1). Thus, instead the illegalization will make most of the people to access them from the black markets which sell illegal firearms since the sellers are not interested with the qualifications of the buyers and their ability to use the fire arms but instead they are interested with the profit gains. By regulating the number of people having the legal firearms and having  many security checks will not prevent public from  purchasing the guns but instead they  will be tempted to purchase the illegal fire arms from the black market dealers which are known to sell ammunitions at  affordable prices.

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