Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality

Gender inequality refers to disparity among individuals on account of their sex. Though gender inequality can exist across both genders, the inequality towards women is more pronounced compared to inequality against men. The campaign towards gender inequality has been informed by believe that women suffer from certain injustices on account of their sex. The road towards gender equality has been premised on the bases that the important aspects of life (social, political, and economical) are tilted in favor of men. The gender inequality gap is global phenomenon and differs across all countries. There are countries that have closed on the gap towards gender inequality while other still lag behind and are reluctant to enact policies and legislation towards this goal. The United States and china are two comparable countries. According to the 2011 World Economic Forum global gender gap report, United States ranked position 17 while china was far below at position 61(Hausmann et al., 2011). Although, the United States has not fully entrenched gender equality reforms, it has faired well compared to the china in gender reforms.

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