Gays’ and lesbianism in the United States

Gays’ and lesbianism in the United States and why it should be stopped.


Massachusetts Supreme Judicial court have legalized the gay have legalizes gays and lesbians marriages and have sparked a lot of controversies over the world. Gays and lesbians’ marriage and relationships have been seeking legal recognition among many states all over the world as more couples similar sex emerges from society and seeks societal acceptance and legal protections. However, gays and lesbians have not been socially accepted in many societies and engagement in such actions have been termed as unnatural and uncommon hence making gays and lesbians to be regarded as outcasts of society. This has made most of the gays and lesbians to live in the urban centers where discrimination rates are fewer and where they have been accepted though not fully. Following the arguments of Allen, Much of the criticism have been resulting from the religious leaders as well as groups which draws arguments against gay and lesbians marriages from the Christian and Muslim doctrines and literatures such as the Bible and Quran which does not recognize such marriage unions (976). No matter the level of the controversy against recognition of the gays and lesbians rights,  there have been number of nation worldwide which have recognized and legalized gays and lesbians which includes, South Africa, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway , Portugal, Spain and Sweden among others including parts of United states and Mexico. In the United States nineteen states and District of Colombia have legalized same sex unions and includes Massachusetts, California, New Yolk, Illinois, Hawaii, New Jersey, Minnesota and Rhodes Islands among others. Most of the groups which have been arguing for the same sex recognition from form the states which have authorized such unions argue that recognitions of such marriages will enhance and facilitate culture change as culture is dynamic and opposes the purpose of marriage for reproduction. Gay and lesbian marriages and unions should not be legalized under all circumstances.

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