Free Speech in Collage Campus

Free Speech in Collage Campus

Regulation of free speech in colleges and universities

Universities and colleges offer higher education where the learners are supposed to exercise freedom of speech. Its only in university and colleges that a learners, In order to enhance understanding of the content of course being pursued, are supposed to question any written , knowledge, culture, behavior or  norm held within a society. However, as stated by Chemerinsky, most of the institutions of higher learning regulate speeches among the learners through stated code of ethics that a learner is supposed to abide to while within the compound of the particular institution. By regulating expression through speech, such learning institution seeks to protect other learners from discrimination and harassment due to their racial, origin, sex religion, color, sexual orientation or age through creation of hostile and unfavorable environment. Hence it’s important to exercise free speech within colleges and campus to some limits but in a way that it does not hurt or intimidate others. Frees speech within campus should be regulated to some extent.

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