feminist theological ethics

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feminist theological ethics


Feminist theologies have become among the most promising contemporary theological choices. These theologies have made clear ways of thinking that have led to exploitation of women. Women have been dominated by males in all aspects of life and there are theological aspects that explain this domination. Just like the way human beings have dominated the earth and have destroyed animals and plants, women have been dominated by males. This is explained by Lois Daly as male centeredness and human centeredness as going hand in hand. Looking at patriarchal culture of the West, males have dominated women and since God created man to be in charge of all creations, hence contributing to subjugation of nature and women to men.  The interlocking dualisms of patriarchal Western culture include male/female, human/nature, and mind/body (Daly). In order to overcome this subjugation there must be a clear understanding of connections between them. It is not easy to understand the subjugation between body and mind without knowledge of what is human and nonhuman. In feminist theological ethics, the relationships between human and divine should be well known in order to understand the relationships between human and non human.

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