External bussiness enviroment

External bussiness enviroment


Over the last one century, numerous changes and developments have been realized in the corporate sector. These phenomenons have been characterized by overwhelmingly high competition and activity in the business world. Business organizations have been shifting their operations from domestic markets into the global markets. This has been associated by the growth of technology, liberalization of markets as well as the advancement of globalization. With these phenomenons, business organizations have been at a greater watch to demonstrate efficiency in their operations. In specific, the issue of corporate and marketing strategy has been the mostly regarded in these competitive markets. It has been very explicit that business organizations have embarked on adopting the most competitive and efficient corporate and marketing strategies so as to enhance their success in the market. It is however notable that the external business environment intensively affects the marketing strategies and outcomes. This has been evident in the marketing operations of Wal-Mart. The marketing operations and strategies of Wal-Mart in the global markets have been significantly influenced by the external business environment. This has been evident in the company’s operations in China, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and also Canada.

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