Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues


The production of fossil fuel in Saudi Arabia has been of great importance to the global economy. With regards to the high value of fuel in running the global economy, its prices and production has been highly focused by the global community. This is so because any fluctuations in the production or prices of the commodity triggers are aspects of the economy. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the country runs a oil-based economy which has strong government control of all major economic activities. At present, Saudi Arabia is ranked number one in terms of fossil fuel reserves and production, whereby it posses 18% of global petroleum reserves. It is also the largest petroleum exporter and has significant influence in OPEC. Despite the massive developments and benefits enjoyed by Saudi Arabia from the production of petroleum oil, the country has faced serious environmental degradation from the production of the commodity. Both land, air and water pollution have been identified in Saudi Arabia following the concentration on fossil fuel production. Like other petroleum producing countries, Saudi Arabia has not been exempted from the negative impacts of petroleum oil production. This has amount to a serious environmental issue which calls for swift intervention.

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