E-mail Negotiation and Face-to-Face Negotiation

Email Negotiation

Negotiation is a common practice in life that many people do not pay attention to. E-mail Negotiation and Face-to-Face Negotiation It may occur in simple forms like children negotiating during play or complication situations like hostage negotiation.   There is a basic assumption of normalness of negotiation and in most cases it is not considered a serious undertaking. However, negotiation is an important practice in normal and business life, and negotiators should understand the best strategies and channels to use in negotiation. E-mail Negotiation and Face-to-Face Negotiation With the advent of technology, new forms of negotiation like e-negotiation are emerging and challenging the traditional forms of negotiation like face-to-face negotiation. E-mail Negotiation and Face-to-Face Negotiation Therefore, this study will take a comparative look at the effectiveness of e-negotiation compared to traditional negotiation strategies like face-to-face negotiation.

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In conclusion, email negotiation provides an alternative negotiation method to the traiditoanl face-to-face negotiation. The process may be different from the traditional negotiation because it is mediated by the computers but this does not degrade its effectiveness and the outcome. It may be complicated compared to other negotiation methods but it leads to better outcomes sometimes.